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May 27 2016

Bug Fixing Day 104

Last Thursday we had our Bug Fixing Day #104. We've managed to close 8 bugs (5 real fixes) with 4 participants. We are still at -135 bugs behind the 1 year period. ...

May 25 2016

Use the Apache HTTP library to interact with the XWiki RESTful API

XWiki provides fine-grain access to virtually every element through an API that is based on HTTP semantics, i.e., a RESTful API. In this post you will find all the details to take advantage of this API and interact with it from Java or Groovy using Apache HttpComponents 4.x.  ...

May 24 2016

XWiki 8.1 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 8.1 final. This release brings an upgrade to the Java 8 runtime, a new Tips panel that replaces the old Quick Links panel, Extension Manager improvements and LDAP avatar synchronization. ...

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