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Sep 12 2014

Presentation about

I prepared with Eduard Moraru a presentation for newcomers that want to start develop on top of XWiki Platform. We presented a bit the project, the community, the development process and ways of contributing. The presentation is held live so many explanations are missing from the slides, but still you can have a clear idea of the presentation's structure. ...

Sep 10 2014

XWiki 6.2 Release Candidate 1 Released

This release is a Release Candidate and, as such, it focuses on stabilization, bugfixes (35) and performance improvements. Make sure to try it out and report any problems that may affect the upcoming final release. ...

Aug 29 2014

Bug Fixing Day 62

Last Thursday we had our Bug Fixing Day #62. Even though some of the committers were still on holidays, we managed to close 5 bugs (4 real fixes). We are now at +13 bugs over the 1600 days period and -37 bugs over the last year (365 days). We must try to get even on the 365 days as otherwise it means that we're reducing the quality of the code we recently committed! ...

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