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Bug Fixing Day 61

Last Thursday we had our Bug Fixing Day #61. Even though some of the committers were still on holidays, we managed to close 11 bugs (10 real fixes). We are now at +13 bugs over the 1600 days period, so we will have to raise our target yet again! ...

Improvement Fixing Day 2

As part of our XWiki Days we had our second Improvement Fixing Day on the 7th of August 2014. Its goal was to close the maximum of JIRA issues of type "Improvement" by taking low-hanging fruit and taking the occasion to clean up our improvement list (duplicates, won't fix, etc).

We had 3 participants and we managed to close 14 improvements (12 real fixes). ...

XWiki 6.2 Milestone 1 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki Enterprise 6.2 Milestone 1. This milestone adds various responsive UI improvements for the new Flamingo skin, a new structure for applications created with Application Within Minutes and the possibility to have alternative Icon Themes. Developers also get a new Mail Sender API and other API improvements. Finally, a considerable amount of bug fixes (31) and improvements (31) are provided so make sure to try it out. ...

Deprecation Fixing Day 3

As part of our XWiki Days we had a Deprecation Fixing Day on the 10th of HJuly 2014. Its goal was to have the maximum number of XWiki committers and contributors work together to fix the maximum number of deprecation calls and moving deprecated APIs not used anymore to our Legacy modules.

We had 1 committer participating with the following results...

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