The XWiki development process uses JIRA for listing all tasks to be implemented and all bugs to be fixed.

You'll find there the dates and versions planned for issues to be fixed and hence the XWiki roadmaps. There's also a release calendar listing all known dates for future releases. Please understand that these dates are often tentative since XWiki's development is open source and lots of committers/contributors are working in their free time on XWiki.

If you're interested to help out check the contributing page.

We're releasing several top level projects together and as such we've decided to have the same Roadmap page for all of them. Thus this page contains the roadmap for the following projects: XWiki Commons, XWiki Rendering, XWiki Platform and XWiki Enterprise.

General goals for all releases:

  • More tests
  • Better javadoc
  • More documentation on
  • Code cleanup/refactoring

Already implemented roadmaps can be found in the archives.

Note that all planned release dates are also entered in the Calendar on JIRA.

XWiki Enterprise 7.x Cycle

Release dates for the 7.x Cycle:

  • 7.0: March 2015 accept
  • 7.1: May 2015 June 2015
  • 7.2: July 2015 September 2015
  • 7.3: September 2015 November 2015
  • 7.4: November 2015 December 2015

XWiki 7.1

Check the complete list of issues fixed for 7.1.

  • Improve upgrade tools - Improve DW - Marius
    New FeatureXWIKI-11502OpenAdd a simulation feature to the distribution wizardMarius Dumitru Florea
    New FeatureXWIKI-11504OpenExtension Manager / Distribution wizard should create a downloadable file with all the decisions taken/changes made during the executionMarius Dumitru Florea
    New FeatureXWIKI-11505OpenAllow EM/DW to re-play an upgrade/install from a file of decisions provided by the userMarius Dumitru Florea
    ImprovementXWIKI-11074OpenUpdate subwikis with one clickMarius Dumitru Florea
  • Notifications improvements - Immediate mail notif in watchlist + immediate notif in comment - Edy
    ImprovementXWIKI-11959ClosedUse the new Mail Sender API for WatchListEduard Moraru
    ImprovementXWIKI-11957ClosedImprove the WatchList Realtime notifier's performance by queueing operations in a threadEduard Moraru
    New FeatureXWIKI-6239OpenAdd a WatchList template that does not display documents diffsEduard Moraru
    ImprovementXWIKI-12063ClosedOption to Watch a page that was just shared by mail directly from the email's bodyEduard Moraru
    New FeatureXWIKI-11756OpenSpecial display of notification for a commentEduard Moraru
  • Continue performance improvements - Dev: Thomas
    New FeatureXWIKI-12086ClosedAllow displaying the time spend in various elements of the rendered pageThomas Mortagne
    ImprovementXWIKI-12046ClosedNot existing document should not be counted in the document cache sizeThomas Mortagne
    BugXWIKI-12043In ProgressSolr search UI is very slowThomas Mortagne
    BugXWIKI-12008ClosedRemove various useless calls to XWiki#flushCacheThomas Mortagne
    BugXWIKI-11915ClosedRepository REST search potentially load all extensions documentsThomas Mortagne
    ImprovementXWIKI-11642ClosedReduce memory footprint of attachment archive updateThomas Mortagne
    ImprovementXWIKI-11612ClosedStore the attachment mime type in the database instead of recalculating it each time it's requiredThomas Mortagne
    New FeatureXWIKI-10911In ProgressAllow loading panels asynchronouslyThomas Mortagne
    New FeatureXWIKI-10632In ProgressAllow executing wiki macro asynchronouslyThomas Mortagne
    BugXRENDERING-395ClosedAbstractBlock#remove is based on Block#equals instead of Block referenceThomas Mortagne
    BugXRENDERING-394ClosedPrinting a MacroBlock in Groovy generates an infinite loopThomas Mortagne
    New FeatureXCOMMONS-806ClosedCalculate and make accessible the time spent in each steps of a job progressThomas Mortagne
  • Totem Application cleanup and release - GuillaumeD
    ImprovementXTOTEM-14ClosedMark as hidden technical pagesEcaterina Moraru (Valica)
    BugXTOTEM-15ClosedDefault language is FrenchEcaterina Moraru (Valica)
    ImprovementXTOTEM-17OpenMissing entry point for Totem applicationUnassigned
    ImprovementXTOTEM-18OpenRemove XWikiMessageTool warnings from consoleUnassigned
    BugXTOTEM-7ClosedA missing translation on the edit mode of a TotemEcaterina Moraru (Valica)
  • Flavor mechanism - UI part - GuillaumeD
    New FeatureXWIKI-11741In ProgressAllow selecting a flavor in Distribution WizardGuillaume Delhumeau
  • JS API / REST Improvements - GuillaumeD does the investigation in 7.1 and if possible starts implementation in 7.1 if enough time
    Create and list specific jiras taken for this release
  • Some important JIRAs:
    ImprovementXWIKI-9920OpenExtension Manager add extension search should suggest only compatible versionsEduard Moraru
    ImprovementXWIKI-11096OpenNotify Wiki owners by email when users [request to] join their wikiUnassigned
    BugXWIKI-11611OpenPresentation Office documents (.ppt files) aren't displayed with LibreOffice Dumitru Florea
    ImprovementXWIKI-11786In ProgressUse the new Mail Sender API for the Share Page By Mail featureVincent Massol
  • Investigations:
    • SOLR performance investigation - Thomas
    • Totem Design + Public Website Flavor - Caty
    • Bootstrap tour - Caty
    • Dropping support for Colibri? - Silvia/Caty
    • Dropping support for IE8/9? - Silvia/Caty

Proposed dates

  • 7.1M1: 4 May 2015 6 May 2015 accept
  • 7.1M2: 18 May 2015 accept
  • 7.1RC1: 1 June 2015
  • 7.1Final: 8 June 2015
Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2012/12/20

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