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5 This is the release notes for [[XWiki Commons>>]], [[XWiki Rendering>>]], [[XWiki Platform>>]] and [[XWiki Enterprise>>]]. They share the same release notes as they are released together and have the same version.
7 This release candidate brings a couple of improvements, notably the ability to register a user from the Distribution Wizard and to auto-generate the main wiki descriptor at start up. The Chart Macro comes with new parameters and the UI for page rename/copy has better labels. On the technical side, this release brings the first, experimental, version of the minimalistic XWiki distribution.
9 = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 8.0 Milestone 2) =
11 [[Full list of issues fixed and Dashboard for 8.0>>]].
13 == New XWiki distribution ==
15 The work on a new as small as possible distribution of XWiki has started. The key goal is to try to have a WAR as small as possible on which you install one of the Flavors automatically found in the registered repositories (meaning for now).
17 The size is still not very far from XE (188M compared to the 219M XE), one important limitation is that we kept some old plugins because they are hard to install as extensions (you need to modify xwiki.cfg and restart). We need to convert them to proper components so that we can move them to contrib as "pure" extensions.
19 There is still two important known limitation in that version that we hope to have in 8.0 final or 8.1 at worst:
21 * make flavors search in the Distribution Wizard asynchronous, the step is blocked for a long time right now which is not very nice
22 * support upgrade of invalid flavor (search for a valid replacement in that case)
24 It's still experimental and should be avoided in production but the move has started and we are very excited by the new opportunity this will bring!
26 == Custom admin user to replace standard Admin user ==
28 Since XWiki exists you got a user ##Admin## with password ##admin## in the default XAR. This time is now gone and you are now asked to register your own user which will be the owner of the wiki (meaning whatever you do you can't loose admin right on it, unless you change the owner) when you install XWiki from scratch. We kept a standard ##Admin## user for the all in one jetty/hsqldb package so the change won't be visible in this one.
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34 == Automatically generated main wiki descriptor ==
36 The XE XAR does not contain any descriptor for the main wiki anymore. This descriptor is now automatically created/updated at start and associated to the domain name found in the URL that was used to access the wiki the first time.
38 == Chart Macro Additions ==
40 There are several new parameters that can now be set when using the [[Chart Macro>>extensions:Extension.Chart Macro]]:
42 |=Parameter name|=Default value|=Description
43 |##backgroundColor##|Grey background|Background color of the non-chart area, specified using an hexadecimal notation, e.g. ##FFAACC## (first 2 letters are for Red, following 2 are for Green and last 2 are for Blue).
44 |##plotBackgroundColor##|White|Background color of the plot area, specified using an hexadecimal notation (see ##backgroundColor##).
45 |##plotBorderColor##|Black|Color of the plot border, specified using an hexadecimal notation (see ##backgroundColor##).
46 |##borderColor##|Black|Color of the outer graph border, specified using an hexadecimal notation (see ##backgroundColor##).
47 |##legendBackgroundColor##|White|Background color of the legend box, specified using an hexadecimal notation (see ##backgroundColor##).
48 |##plotBorderVisible##|true|Whether the border for the plot area is visible or not. Valid values are ##true## and ##false##.
49 |##legendVisible##|true|Whether the legend is displayed or not. Valid values are ##true## and ##false##.
51 Examples:
53 * Pie chart with no legend displayed, no border, no title and white background:(((
54 {{code}}
55 {{chart type="pie" source="inline" params="range:B2-D5;series:columns;backgroundColor:FFFFFF;plotBackgroundColor:FFFFFF;plotBorderVisible:false;legendVisible:false" width="320" height="240"}}
56 |=|=X|=Y|=Z
57 |Q1|1.2|3.4|1.3
58 |Q2|4.5|3.4|2.3
59 |Q3|1.2|4.5|9.0
60 |Q4|3.4|1.2|1.2
61 {{/chart}}
62 {{/code}}
64 {{image reference="pieChartWhite.png"/}}
65 )))
66 * Colored background:(((
67 {{code}}
68 {{chart type="pie" source="inline" params="range:B2-D5;series:columns;backgroundColor:FFFF11;plotBackgroundColor:11FFFF" title="Chart Test" width="320" height="240"}}
69 |=|=X|=Y|=Z
70 |Q1|1.2|3.4|1.3
71 |Q2|4.5|3.4|2.3
72 |Q3|1.2|4.5|9.0
73 |Q4|3.4|1.2|1.2
74 {{/chart}}
75 {{/code}}
77 {{image reference="pieChartColor.png"/}}
78 )))
80 In addition, it's now possible to perform [[advanced customization of the generated chart>>extensions:Extension.Chart Macro||anchor="HAdvancedCustomization"]].
82 == Rename and Copy UI ==
84 * Updated the rename page UI's field labels and descriptions to mention that the update links also updates the relative links inside the renamed page and not just the backlinks. Also moved the count displays from the field label to the field's description, where applicable, in both the rename and the copy UI, for better UI consistency.(((
85 {{image reference="renameRewording-Step1.png"/}}
87 {{image reference="copyRewording-Step1.png"/}}
88 )))
89 * The copy and rename UI now have the children and links options checked by default. We believe it`s better to preserve data consistency by default, even with the cost o having to go through lengthy operations (like when renaming a document with many children).
91 == Miscellaneous ==
93 * main wiki owner now have programming rights and not only admin rights
95 See the [[full list of JIRA issues>>]] fixed in this release.
97 = For Developers =
99 == Upgrades ==
101 The following dependencies have been upgraded:
103 * [[Pygments 2.1.1>>]]
104 * [[org.eclipse.sisu.plexus 0.3.3>>]]
105 * [[Tika 1.12>>]]
106 * [[Groovy 2.4.6>>]]
107 * [[JGroups 3.6.8>>]]
108 * [[httpclient 4.5.2>>]]
109 * [[slf4j 1.7.18>>]]
110 * [[Jackson 2.7.2>>]]
111 * [[logback 1.1.6>>]]
113 == Miscellaneous ==
115 * Developers can now enable the [[CSS Source Maps feature in the LESS Module>>extensions:Extension.LESS Module||anchor="HDebuggingLESSfileswithCSSSourceMaps"]], to help the CSS debugging.
117 = Translations =
119 The following translations have been updated:
121 {{language codes="da, fr, lv, pl, pt_BR, sk"/}}
123 = Tested Browsers & Databases =
125 {{include reference="TestReports.ManualTestReportSummaryXWiki80RC1"/}}
127 = Known issues =
129 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
131 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
133 == General Notes ==
135 When upgrading make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg##, and ##web.xml## files with the newest version since some configuration parameters may have been modified or added. Note that you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
137 == API Breakages ==
139 The following APIs were modified since XWiki 7.4.2:
141 * Allow associating a version different from the extension version to the features and allow indicating namespace constraint in an extension(((
142 {{code language="none"}}
143 org.xwiki.extension.Extension: Method 'public java.util.Collection getAllowedNamespaces()' has been added to an interface
144 org.xwiki.extension.Extension: Method 'public org.xwiki.extension.ExtensionId getExtensionFeature(java.lang.String)' has been added to an interface
145 org.xwiki.extension.Extension: Method 'public java.util.Collection getExtensionFeatures()' has been added to an interface
146 {{/code}}
147 )))
149 * Deprecating this class in favor of the standard library class with the same name(((
150 {{code language="none"}}
151 org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.AbstractChainableUberspector: Removed field inner
152 org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.DeprecatedCheckUberspector: Removed org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.ChainableUberspector from the set of implemented interface
153 org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.DeprecatedCheckUberspector: Removed org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.AbstractChainableUberspector from the list of superclasse
154 org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.MethodArgumentsUberspector: Removed org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.ChainableUberspector from the set of implemented interface
155 org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.MethodArgumentsUberspector: Removed org.xwiki.velocity.introspection.AbstractChainableUberspector from the list of superclasse
156 {{/code}}
157 )))
159 * Young API. Better name(((
160 {{code language="none"}}
161 org.xwiki.platform.flavor.FlavorManager: Method 'public org.xwiki.extension.repository.result.IterableResult searchFlavors(org.xwiki.platform.flavor.FlavorQuery)' has been added to an interface
162 {{/code}}
163 )))
165 * Not really a breackage. Just moved to its own module.(((
166 {{code language="none"}}
167 com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.diff.DiffPlugin: Class com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.diff.DiffPlugin removed
168 com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.diff.DiffPluginApi: Class com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.diff.DiffPluginApi removed
169 {{/code}}
170 )))
172 * Removed constant that shouldn't have been there(((
173 {{code language="none"}}
174 org.xwiki.chart.ChartGenerator: Field COLORS_PARAM has been removed, but it was previously a constant
175 {{/code}}
176 )))

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