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Sergiu Dumitriu 1.1 1 {{box cssClass="floatinginfobox" title="**Contents**"}}{{toc/}}{{/box}}
3 This is the first (and probably last) bugfix release for the 3.0 series.
5 = New and Noteworthy =
7 Backported from the 3.1 branch, two new features found their way into this release: the possibility to export a wiki document into an office format using a running OpenOffice/LibreOffice installation, and the new UI for customizing the PDF export.
9 == PDF Export Options ==
11 If you export a wiki page to PDF using the //Export// menu you'll get a panel where you can configure some PDF export options. These options are defined in the PDF velocity templates and were previously available only as query string parameters to the PDF export URL.
13 [[image:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise31@pdfExportOptions.png||class="screenshot"]]
15 == Office Document Export ==
17 If you configure your wiki to work with an office server ([[LibreOffice>>]] or [[OpenOffice>>]]) as described in the [[Office Importer Application>>extensions:Extension.Office Importer Application]] you'll notice a new entry in the export menu (as long as you are connected to the office server). By default only the ODT ([[OpenDocument>>]] Text format) export is exposed but you can tweak the export URL to export to other office formats supported by your office server. For instance ##/xwiki/bin/export/Sandbox/WebHome?format=doc## exports Sandbox.WebHome page to Microsoft Word's proprietary DOC format.
19 [[image:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise31@exportAsODT.png||class="screenshot"]]
21 == Bugfixes ==
Thomas Mortagne 3.1 23 * [[XWIKI-3843>>]] - Strip leading and trailing white spaces to tags when white space is not the separator
24 * [[XWIKI-5296>>]] - Open office server based office export
25 * [[XWIKI-5677>>]] - Fix 'Rename' page feature for document creators
26 * [[XWIKI-6178>>]] - Format changes when saving or switching mode after importing excel file
27 * [[XWIKI-6208>>]] - WYSIWYG content editor fails to load when WysiwygEditorConfig page is missing
28 * [[XWIKI-6209>>]] - Some extension manager tests are failing on MS Windows
29 * [[XWIKI-6212>>]] - Images not displayed in the administration of xwiki 3.0
30 * [[XWIKI-6317>>]] - Cannot drag&drop image in Internet Explorer
31 * [[XWIKI-6318>>]] - Children documents whose parent field contains the full prefixed name of the parent document are omitted from the export with 'includeChildren' option
32 * [[XWIKI-6530>>]] - Scaled images are not exported to PDF
33 * [[XWIKI-6534>>]] - When using a skin from another wiki templates override are not taken into account
34 * [[XWIKI-6537>>]] - Paste button doesn't insert text copied from Word in Internet Explorer
35 * [[XWIKI-6545>>]] - Style override in skin does not work
36 * [[XWIKI-6546>>]] - Expose the PDF export options to the user
37 * [[XWIKI-6549>>]] - Prevent adding new tags that are equal ignoring case with existing tags
38 * [[XWIKI-6554>>]] - Remove the build number from the displayed version
39 * [[XWIKI-6562>>]] - Font names list from WYSIWYG loses its values when page saved by IE6 and IE7
40 * [[XWIKI-6573>>]] - Request parameters retrieved from a form sent with multipart/form-data encoding (for file uploads) have the wrong encoding
41 * [[XWIKI-6580>>]] - Without JS after adding an object you are redirected to wiki editor
42 * [[XWIKI-6582>>]] - XWikiServletURLFactory generates wrong links behind a reverse proxy with https
43 * [[XWIKI-6583>>]] - Images are not embedded when exporting a wiki page to an office format
44 * [[XWIKI-6584>>]] - Table of contents is missing from the office export
45 * [[XWIKI-6592>>]] - Can't move the caret after an image at the end of a paragraph in IE8
46 * [[XWIKI-6593>>]] - Deleting documents with attachments that have no versioning returning NullPointerException
47 * [[XWIKI-6594>>]] - Enable configuration of $obfuscateEmail variable in user sheet
48 * [[XWIKI-6610>>]] - Pagination velocity macro option to not include the pagination skin extension
49 * [[XWIKI-6611>>]] - Support for passing a URL hash as parameter of the pagination macro, to be included in pagination link
50 * [[XWIKI-6621>>]] - DBList properties with "Multiple Select" and "Use suggest" selected are not displayed in view mode
51 * [[XWIKI-6651>>]] - js error when switching to Toucan skin
52 * [[XWIKI-6654>>]] - Multiple backslash are not properly handled in reference resolvers and serializers
53 * [[XWIKI-6678>>]] - Office viewer issues
54 * [[XWIKI-6723>>]] - Wiki macros are rendered in the syntax of the caller document
55 * [[XWIKI-6739>>]] - ObjectPropertyReference set wrong entity type
56 * [[XE-878>>]] - Small portion of Browse button not visible in Inline mode
57 * [[XE-879>>]] - The Main.WebRss should not a use a velocity variable named $request
58 * [[XE-881>>]] - Deleted documents index gets broken when space name is invalid
59 * [[XE-913>>]] - "Send" button of "Share page by e-mail" does not work
Sergiu Dumitriu 1.1 60
61 = Known issues =
Thomas Mortagne 3.1 63 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
Sergiu Dumitriu 1.1 64
65 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
67 == General Notes ==
69 {{warning}}Always make sure you compare your //xwiki.cfg// file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note you should add // so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.{{/warning}}

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